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Age and Systemic Acid-Base Equilibrium (Frassetto and Sebastian)
Analysis of Published Data

By Drs. Lynda Frassetto and Anthony Sebastian of the University of California, San Francisco, Department of Medicine and General Clinical Research Center.

Abstract, Age and Systemic Acid-Base Equilibrium: Analysis of Published Data, published in 19961).

The Study:

To investigate whether systemic acid-base equilibrium changes with aging in normal adult humans, we reviewed published articles reporting the acid-base composition of arterial, arterialized venous, or capillary blood in age-identified healthy subjects. We extracted or calculated blood hydrogen ion concentration ([H+]), plasma bicarbonate concentration ([HCO3-]), blood PCO2, and age, and computed a total of 61 age-group means, distributed among eight 10-year intervals from age 20 to 100 years. Using linear regression analysis, we found that with increasing age, there is a significant increase in the steady-state blood [H+] (p<.001), and reduction in steady-state plasma [HCO3-] (p<.001), indicative of a progressively worsening low-level metabolic acidosis.

Blood PCO2 decreased with age (p.05), in keeping with the expected respiratory adaptation to metabolic acidosis. Such age-related increasing metabolic acidosis may reflect in part the normal decline of renal function with increasing age. The role of age-related metabolic acidosis in the pathogenesis of the degenerative diseases of aging warrants consideration. In layman's terms, it means that as we get old we have more acid radicals [H+] and less bicarbonate [HCO3-], which brings about age-related metabolic acidosis. This paper is the recognition and treatment of the symptoms, accepting aging as an inevitable fact of life.

Titre du document / Document title

Auteur(s) / Author(s)

Revue / Journal Title
The Journals of gerontology. Series A, Biological sciences and medical sciences (J. gerontol., Ser. A : Biol. sci. med. sci.) ISSN 1079-5006

Source / Source
1996, vol. 51, no1, [Note(s): Sans pagination]

Langue / Language

Editeur / Publisher
Gerontological Society of America, Washington, DC, ETATS-UNIS (1995) (Revue)

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