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Acidosis (Whang)

by Sang Whang

The following is a quotation of the "The Bob Livingston Letter", P.O. Box 110013, Birmingham, AL 35211, April, 2001

Acidosis: "It is now believed by many authorities that most disease develops because of a lowering of the function and resistance of the body due to chronic acidosis. In this connection, Dr. George W. Crile, past head of the Crile Clinic in Cleveland and one of the world's greatest surgeons says, ‘There is no natural death. All deaths from so-called natural causes are merely the end-point of a progressive acid saturation.'"

Acidosis precedes and provokes disease. The well body succumbs to physical disorders when its own acid debris accumulates to the point where resistance is broken down and the body consequently becomes susceptible to cold, fatigue, nerve exhaustion and degenerative disease.

When the body reaches limits of increasing toxins within the body, the digestive tract, or any of the body tissues, it begins a house-cleaning process that takes various forms: diarrhea, headache, colds, skin eruptions, abscesses or boils, rheumatism, inflammation of the eyes or other organs, catarrhs, chills, fevers, or anything that we recognize as acute disease. But all these spring from a common originating cause, an accumulation of acid waste in the body."

From: Foods That Alkalinize And Heal, by Mary C. Hogle.

Commercial foods are acid foods. Acid foods are addictive, causing over-eating and weight management problems. Whole natural foods have a balanced pH.

Live people need live, whole, alkaline, green food. This is a difficult concept because of the green taste. We have to cultivate a taste. Then our bodies will reject dead commercial foods, salt and sugar. Also, you have to take whole live foods over time in order to reverse the effects of many years of eating commercial foods. Adults are more like children than children. They will make a very brief attempt to change to raw whole foods, and after a few days they quit, muttering that didn't help them. How can anyone expect to reverse the effects of years and years of poor eating habits in only a few days? Most people don't have the determination to overcome their bad eating habits! You won't get a simpler solution for a return to health than God's creation of whole live food.

Now more and more MDs are accepting the fact that too much acid is the cause of disease and death. After all, cancer cells are acidic while healthy cells are alkaline. This is what I have been telling the world for over ten years. My book, Reverse Aging, explains it scientifically.

Health professionals all recognize the need to reduce our body's acid accumulation. However, they try to solve this problem with alkaline food. Many experts do not agree that natural and live foods do indeed reduce body acid. The dietary approach may work if the diet program is just right for that individual and that the individual is persistent; however, an unbalanced diet could result in nutritional deficiency.

The world is missing the point of using alkaline water for acid reduction. Alkaline water works better than diet because it does not add more wastes in the process of reducing acids. All special diets and exercise create more acidic waste. Alkaline water with any diet and/or exercise regimen works extra well. Alkaline water with any food will do wonders. Alkaline water, special diets and/or exercise mean that there must be a change of lifestyle. It is very difficult to change one's eating habits. Drinking alkaline water is the perfect solution for today's fast-lane lifestyle.

Many MDs misunderstand that stomach acid neutralizes alkaline water and drinking alkaline water is, therefore, useless. This is not true! The fact is that if the stomach gets too alkaline or less acidic due to drinking alkaline water, the stomach must produce more hydrochloric acid to maintain the original acidic state. In the process of producing hydrochloric acid, the stomach must also produce sodium bicarbonate, an alkaline buffer, and put it into the blood stream, making the blood more alkaline. The stomach makes hydrochloric acid by this formula:

H2O + CO2 + NaCl = HCl + NaHCO3

Water + carbon dioxide + salt = hydrochloric acid + sodium bi-carbonate

I learned this from a pathologist, Dr. Stephen Weiss. Pathologists know this process but most MDs do not.

If we look at the stomach alone, we can come to an erroneous conclusion. When we look at the body as a whole, there is a net gain of alkalinity when we drink alkaline water. This is why it doesn't make any difference whether one drinks alkaline water on an empty or a full stomach.

Acid leads to pain, disease, and death; while alkalinity leads to better health and longevity.

Suggestions for Optimal Health & Weight Loss:

EAT SLOW: Drink your food and chew your liquid! Digestion starts in the mouth!

EAT 75% RAW: Raw foods (veggies, fruits, sprouts, nuts & seeds) are the best for you!

EXERCISE: Jumping with various exercises on a rebounder is fun and a total workout!

DRINK WATER: Ionized Water from a rejuvenator water ionizer is best, at least 64 oz's day!

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