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De-chlorinating Shower Filter CQ1000
De-chlorinating Shower Filter CQ1000

De-chlorinating Shower Filter CQ1000



Why Filter Chlorine from your Shower Water ?   Because Chlorine is a poisonous gas, even while it does kill the bacteria in our tap water.   ...
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Why Filter Chlorine from your Shower Water ?  

  • Because Chlorine is a poisonous gas, even while it does kill the bacteria in our tap water.  
  • It attacks your lungs as the hot shower action vaporizes the chlorine in the water.  
  • It attacks your skin and hair as the hot water opens your pores to the chlorine, leaving your hair brittle and your skin itchy and flaky.  
  • Chlorine gets absorbed into your body and acts as a pollutant.  


Bottom line is, research shows we should filter out Chlorine from our drinking water before drinking it! Doesn't it make sense to do the same for the shower and bath? Remember, your skin is your largest organ!

Stop Bathing in Chlorine! The Rainshower CQ-1000 is the 
Only Shower Filter to Include 
Crystalline Quartz Technology for an Energized Shower Experience!

"A long, hot shower can be dangerous. The toxic chemicals are inhaled in high concentrations."
Dr. John Andelman, PhD., Bottom Line , 8/87

  • Removes 90 - 95% of free chlorine
  • Converts Chlorine into a harmless soluble chloride
  • Healthier, younger looking skin
  • Softer, more manageable hair
  • Relief from dry skin and scalp
  • Improved lathering and sudsing
  • Reduces fading of color treated-hair
  • Great for those with Chlorine sensitivity
  • Crystalline quartz for energy enhanced shower
  • No back washing required
  • Installs in minutes (even on hand-held shower heads) with no special tools or professional help required.
  • Replaceable cartridges lasts 6-9 months for a family of 4 or an estimated 15,000 - 20,000 gallons of usage.

The Rainshower CQ-1000 uses 14.5 ounces of "Enhanced" KDF 55, crystalline quartz, and special polyester sediment trapping material (Poly-flow) to remove between 90-95% of Chlorine. Rainshower's unique "Enhanced" KDF removes more Chlorine than other brands of shower filters. The sun dried quartz crystals help to "energize" the water by reducing the water's surface tension. This allows for an increase in the sudsing and lathering of soaps and shampoos. The water has a "lighter" feel, similar to the that of softened water.

The CQ1000 Shower Filter has been designed and engineered to work most effectively with high quality, low-flow shower heads that conform to the required 2.5 gallons per minute flow rate specified by the U.S. Energy Policy Act of 1992. If flow rates exceed 2.5 gpm the contact time required for maximum chlorine conversion will be reduced. For this reason we recommend only high quality, low flow shower heads purchased after 1995 for any shower filter application. Brass threads are evidence of quality construction.

The Shower Filter is very easy to install. Simply screw the filter inlet onto your existing shower arm. It does not require the use of plumbers' tape for leak sealing. Be careful not to over tighten, as this may cause the housing to crack. Changing the filter is just as easy. Simply unscrew the body cap, pull out the existing filter cartridge, check for proper seating of the "O" rings, and pop in the replacement cartridge. Replace every 9-12 months.

Shower Head Throttle - $20.95

  • Save water while you shave or shampoo!
  • Attach above shower head - just screw on.
  • Simply push the button - water flow stops.
  • Push the button the other way - water flow starts!
  • When stopped, the water drips, maintaining water temperature.

Replacement Filter for the
Shower Cartrigde

Replace every 
9 to 12 months.


Shower Head Riser 
to Raise the Shower Head

The shower filter lowers the head several inches.This set raises the head.


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