About WaterWorks4U

WaterWorks4U is devoted to health. Our own personal health and yours. We carry the best quality health products we have found. We believe only your body can cure itself, and to that end we offer you information to enable you to make educated choices so that you may enjoy a healthy and fit quality of life. We also believe preventative and restorative health products should be affordable for all, therefore we offer our products at a fair price. Our philosophy is to make less on each sale, but sell to more people, spreading the health benefits of ionized water and a healthy lifestyle.

You have taken the first step towards optimal health and understanding the importance of the water you drink. 

Consider this:

A recent City of Winter Park (FL) Water Quality Report mentioned a possible health risk "for people that have undergone organ transplants, cancer patients on certain drugs, some elderly people, and infants, and people with HIV ~ Aids or other immune systems disorders from drinking municipal water."

This warning comes from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is effective for all municipal water systems. This leads one to believe that drinking tap water is a risk, even if you're comparably healthy!  A recent research project using specially bred mice that have a weakened immune system had some astonishing results. One group of mice was given plain tap water resulting in an average life span of 235 days. A second group given restructured alkaline ionized water had an average life span of 346 days. The ionized water significantly increased the second groups life span and strengthened their immune system.

Why is regular tap water not the best water to drink?  Chlorine, Fluoride, positive ORP and neutral pH are a few answers.  

New Products are on their way, so please call or email if you are looking for something in particular. Straight, honest information and fair prices are our trademark.

We have been in the water product field for over 15 years and early in 2005 discovered the health benefits of water ionizers. We personally have experienced many benefits, including the end of lifetime joint pain, weight loss, age spots fading and more.

We researched the vast health benefits of ionized water and reviewed the clinical studies. After testing many ionizers on the market, we selected a manufacturer with consistent high standards and very low service records to produce the Infinity J water ionizers. 

It is with pleasure that we offer you our own Infinity J Water Ionizers to promote wellness and longevity for you and those you love.