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Sign up for our Automatic Filter Program and SAVE BIG. By filling out our Recurring Payment Authorization Form, you will be enrolling yourself to have filters sent automatically to you at the time frame given. We recommend our filters to be changed at a minimum twice a year. You can fill out the form and set it so we automatically bill and ship you the filters you need every 6 months (or the timeframe you choose) without you forgetting or having to remember. By enrolling in our Automatic Filter Program you will be getting 10% off the filter you choose as well as free shipping! (Handling fee is still required) 


To sign up, please download and print the form here


Please properly fill out the form and send it back to the address listed below or email us the form at Once we receive the form and approve it, we will notify you by email. 


Please send forms to:


150 Roycourt Circle

Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411



Please use this chart to see qualifying filters and use chart to properly write the 10% off filter price on the form:

FILTER  Normal Price 10% Off
Infinity Series (The Infinity J and The Infinity 2) $279.99 $251.99 
Ionic Oasis 350 & 750 / Aquarius, Genesis and Oasis Rejuvenator / Infinity OM $139.99 $125.99
NexGen 4 Pack $219.00 $197.10
Ion Wave XP Bundle (One Set Of 3 Filters) $119.99 $107.99
Ion Wave XP Double Bundle (Two Sets of 3 Filters) $219.99 $197.99
Ion Wave (Single Replacement Filter) $29.99 $26.99
Ion Wave Pitcher (3 Pack Replacement Filters) $69.99 $62.99
VitaLite Shower Replacement Minerals $39.99 $35.99
If you do not see your filter listed here, contact us at Contact us at Contact us at

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