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I'm a veteran, and I credit the ionized alkaline water created with The WaterWorks4u water  ionizer for a significant improvement generally in my health and at least twice, an element of rescue in regaining function following trauma and chemical exposure while in the military service.
Thanks for that!
Tamara MD

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When I first began to drink the ionized water from the Aquarius Rejuvenator I noticed that my skin seemed to have "plumped up" which resulted in many of the small lines from my face (especially around my eyes and forehead literally disappearing. The hydration is amazing which has resulted in fewer wrinkles and a very healthy glow. My hair and nails are growing faster and appear to be much stronger.    
Sally T. CA

I used to have terribly dry skin-especially on my forehead and scalp. That has disappeared. No more dandruff, and no more flaky patches on my forehead. I recently left the country and was without my Aquarius for two weeks. For the first week everything was fine-but by the end of my trip, the dryness on my forehead and scalp was returning. I was certainly glad to get back to my ionized alkaline water. The dryness went away as soon as I returned to drinking from my Rejuvenator.    
Daniel K.  TX

I have had problems with my skin all my life, but in just six weeks, my adult acne has cleared up-and is completely gone. My skin is noticeably softer and people have asked me my secret to looking radiant. I tell everyone I can about the ionized alkaline water from my Genesis Rejuvenator. This was the best health investment I ever made.    
Marla S. OK

I had come to accept constipation as a “normal” part of life. Several days after I started drinking the ionized alkaline water from my Aquarius, I experienced definite changes in my elimination patterns. Now after three months, I have come to accept the fact that three bowel movements a day is normal. I also no longer suffer from heartburn. I cant believe how great I feel. I only wish I had purchased a Rejuvenator years ago. I also wish I know about this health devise when my Father was still alive. He also had suffered with headaches, constipation, and heartburn. I though it was just hereditary and there was nothing I could do to prevent it. I now know that the only thing we had in common was that we were both chronically dehydrated, and were not drinking ionized water.    
Len B. NY

A friend of mine introduced me to his Aquarius and I began borrowing water from him daily. He had hoped it would help with my chest pains and lower my very high cholesterol. What five years, three types of medication and hundreds of dollars in expenses could not accomplish, drinking the ionized water, and the correct amount did! My cholesterol had been as high as 245 and the lowest it had ever been was 221. After only six weeks I returned to my doctor for blood work and was told that my cholesterol was 182, THE LOWEST IN SEVEN YEARS! I appreciate the extra boost of energy that the water gives me and I love the taste. Everyone in the family notices the difference when we have to drink bottled water.   
Paul N. MI

Three years ago I had heart surgery-a quadruple bypass. For a little over a year, I followed the standard medical protocol, taking medication for blood pressure and cholesterol which were both still high. I was introduced to Ionized water about one year after my surgery. I noticed an almost immediate improvement in my energy, and I began to lose weight. The longer I drank the water, the better I felt, and I wondered if the water was helping my heart. I decided to find out what would happen if I stopped taking medication and continued to drink the ionized alkaline water. A year later, I went in for my annual physical. To my surprise, my blood work was perfect. I was really excited, and I scheduled a stress test with my cardiologist. I wish I had a video of everyone's face as I effortlessly completed that test! My blood pressure stayed well within the normal range and I was not really winded when I was done. I got a clean bill of health and although the doctor was obligated to tell me that it would be in my best interest to resume taking medication for blood pressure and cholesterol, I have decided not to take those medications. I cant believe how good I feel.    
Mark G. OR

After about a month on the water my husband and I both noticed results. First we slept more soundly and we both felt more refreshed in the morning. Second, we found we were drinking more water-without trying. It was as if our bodies made us more alert to the need. I used to struggle with getting four glasses down a day. We feel younger and although we were not unhealthy people, I now had an inner desire to start doing “right” by my body. I changed my eating habits and started eating more raw foods…and I love it! After six months, I have lost 30 pounds    
Connie RIL

When I first began to drink the ionized water I was having trouble with a lot of swelling in my legs. Within two weeks, it was gone and I noticed that my circulation seemed to be much better. I also began to notice how much more energy I had. This water has also helped with my cholesterol. Within two months of drinking this water my cholesterol had gone down from 250 to 195 and it has stayed down for the last nine months. Even my doctor told me to keep drinking this water.    
Joan T. RI

At the time I started drinking from my Genesis, I was spending $300 a month on vitamins. For me, the ionized water has had a much more profound effect on my energy than those $300 worth of vitamins ever did! I bring my water to work, and drink about a half gallon throughout the day. I've quit drinking diet sodas and I no longer need my 2:00 p.m. Red Bull drink.   
Todd P. DE

I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at ten years old. I have been on insulin for 18 years and during that time I have tried a number of things to help reduce the amount of insulin I take. Several things have helped slightly, not nothing like changing my water to ionized alkaline water. Over the course of one month, as I monitored my own blood sugar levels, my need for insulin gradually dropped. I have been able to reduce the amount of insulin I take by over half! I also used to feel constantly dehydrated even though I drank lots of water. Now with my Aquarius, I can finally quench my thirst, I am not perpetually thirsty!    
Linda BPR

Since buying my Aquarius Water Ionizer, I have noticed a profound effect on my health. I was experiencing several medical problems. My blood sugar was unsettled at about 270, I was taking medication two times a day. My asthma was also giving me trouble and I needed four medications from an asthma pump-daily. I was also taking blood pressure medication three times a day. When I began to drink ionized water, I noticed a difference the very first day. For a few days, I experienced a cleansing-then I began to notice other things. Besides a greater amount of energy, the swings in my blood sugar began to level out. After a few months I reduced my medications. My blood sugar was down to 100! I was also able to reduce my asthma medication to one pump a day and my blood pressure medication was reduced from three pills to one pill a day. My doctor told me to keep drinking hexagonal water. Today, after six months, I returned from the doctor with normal blood sugar and I was told that I no longer need any medications for diabetes. Since drinking alkaline water, I have found myself doing things that I have not done for a long time. I feel so much better. My skin is not as dry and it is noticeably softer.     
Wendy S. NY

Before I discovered ionized water, the arthritis in my knees had gotten so bad that I rarely did any walking. Getting up from a chair was difficult unless I had assistance. I could not stand and talk to people I had to sit down. Within several weeks after I began to drink from my Genesis machine, the pain in my knees was noticeably reduced. Eight months later, I was able to walk up and down the stadium stairs at a graduation ceremony. Within a year, I went to a state fair and walked through all eight buildings with no pain at all. I have been drinking this wonderful water for four years and at the age of 81, I still experience very little (if any) pain in my knees.      
Dorothy B. UK


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6 Reasons to Drink Alkaline Water Infused with Molecular Hydrogen

The immune system becomes stronger and enables the body to fight off disease better. The micro-clustering of the water molecules provides excellent body Hydration, Skin Rejuvenation and powerful Detoxification. The abundance of available oxygen molecules makes us alert and energized. The Molecular Hydrogen Eliminates Oxidative Stress which will Prevent Disease, Boost Mental Alertness, Scavenge Free Radicals, Promote Weight Loss and Overall Wellness.

  • The Infinity J Water Ionizer / Hydrogen Generator creates water that is scientifically enhanced to match the activated molecular hydrogen and alkaline chemical structure of the world-famous water of Lourdes, France, known for its incredible healing powers.
  • The Infinity J Water Ionizer / Hydrogen Generator removes 98 % of toxins and pollutants from water to provide you with the safest and healthiest water you can get anywhere in the world.
  • The Platinum / Titanium Electrode plates are twice the size of most other water ionizers, double coated with Platinum, for the most consistent ionization yet.
  • The Infinity J Water Ionizer / Hydrogen Generator has an estimated lifespan of 15 -20 years or more while other ionizers only last 5-8 years.
  • The Infinity J Water Ionizer / Hydrogen Generator water tastes better than any other water, including expensive bottled waters.
  • The Infinity J Water Ionizer / Hydrogen Generator is a fraction of the cost of buying bottled water, about 2 cents a liter

The Infinity J Water Ionizer / Hydrogen Generator produces powerful Anti-Oxidants to Strengthen the Immune System.

The Infinity J Water Ionizer / Hydrogen Generator Home Water Filter is great for health! Most people tell us how much they appreciate the good tasting high pH alkaline water.

6 More Reasons

  • The Infinity J Water Ionizer / Hydrogen Generator water makes foods cooked in it taste better because it dissolves the acid in them. It cooks food faster and left-overs last longer due to their higher alkalinity.
  • The Infinity J Water Ionizer / Hydrogen Generator water removes harmful acids and toxins built up in your cells, helping your body to fight the aging process.
  • The Infinity J Water Ionizer / Hydrogen Generator dissolves nutrients and minerals more thoroughly than regular water, so it is easier for your body’s cells to absorb, leading to better health.
  • The electrolyzed water provides mores oxygen to cells, which vitalizes your body. This helps your body heal faster and stay healthy.
  • The smaller water clusters aid in the enzymatic breakdown of food and make it easier for the body to digest food and absorb the nutrients. This water will help your body absorb 30% more nutrients than tap water.
  • The Infinity J Water Ionizer / Hydrogen Generator creates antioxidants in the water that neutralize active oxygen (free radicals) that build up in your cells.
  • Suggestions for Optimal Health & Weight Loss

    Drink your food and chew your liquid. Digestion starts in the mouth!
  • EAT 75% RAW:
    Raw foods (veggies, fruits, sprouts, nuts & seeds) are the best for you!
    Jumping with various exercises on a rebounder is fun and a total workout!
    Ionized Water from a WaterWorks4U water ionizer is best, if you drink at least 64 ounces a day! Read about the WaterWorks4u Water Ionizers and the new Hydrogo+ Portable Hydrogen Generator. For more information, e-mail [email protected] or call us at 561-790-2004

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