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The Affordable Ion-Wave Whole House Water Filter 

A three stage whole house water filter with a five micron Sediment filter, a combination Carbon/GAC/ KDF 55 one micron filter and a Polypropylene Bacteria inhibiting filter. Each filter has its own individual meter to alert you when it needs changing.

The Ion-Wave Whole House Water Filter is a low cost, easy to install, tank-less water filter that removes unwanted particles from the water that are smaller than 1 micron.

Removes iron, bacteria, chlorine, chloramine, giardia, bacteria, heavy metals and other unwanted contaminants from your water.

It works on municipal and well water supplies.  The filters cartridges are easy to replace and can be used in various configurations depending on what your water quality and what contaminants may need to be removed.

Unlike "Tank-configured water filters" where you have no choice in which filter media that you are provided with, the Ion-Wave Whole House Water Filter offers greater flexibility in filter choices at affordable prices.

  1. Sediment Filter (5-micron)
  2. Carbon/KDF (GAC - 700g + KDF55- 400g)
  3. Triple Action Filter – Zinc/Sediment/Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

Easy to Install (requires some plumbing) – 1" female fittings on the IN/OUT


  • Changing filters takes only minutes
  • Pressure Gauges for each filter lets you know when to change filter
  • Pressure Release Button for each filter
  • Comes with Filter Wrench
  • Plastic stylish case



Each filter has a pressure gauge indicating that it's time to change the filter as the pressure rises. The pressure release button for filter and filter wrench that comes with the unit makes changing the filters as easy as can be. Filter changes can be done in less than a minute.


To customize or change filter combinations, please call or e-mail or call us for a quote.

(561) 790-2004 or sales@waterworks4u.com