AROMA DIFFUSER (with Color Changing Lights)

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AROMA DIFFUSER (with Color Changing Lights)


The ethereal mist from our Aroma Diffuser mixed with our “Finely Blended Aroma Oils” fills up the conical exit port allowing easy access for nasal inhalation and cascades over the edge, while the light from within the diffuser slowly changes colors, becoming the focal point of your home or office.

Comes complete with a ultrasonic mist maker with color changing LED lights along with the new mood enhancement switch to control different color modes.  There are 8 solid color choices, multiple color-changing patterns with 3 speeds, an on-off switch, and the option for mist without light (for sleeping and dreaming).

The ultrasonic mist maker promotes more restful sleep, easier breathing, and helps to eliminate allergens, relieve headaches, and hydrate your skin.



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