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"It was a pleasure talking with Dustin at WaterWorks4U. He answered all my questions and helped me make the right decision for choosing the right alkaline water system for my family. This is the customer service I would like to see from every company I talk to. Thanks again!"
"My mom purchased many products from your company. Being that I recently moved to California, I was unable to go over to my moms house to fill up on water anymore. I bought myself a water pitcher from you guys and I am so glad I have healthy water again! Shipping was fast and I will be saving up for a machine like the one my mom has."
"Great service and amazing machines! Will recommend to my friends and family!"
"I love my Infinity Water Ionizer. I was surprised that I went this long without one. I will never go back to bottled water!"
"I have bought a water machine over 10 years ago and still use it every day. When I call to order my filter twice a year, Peter always has a nice conversation with me and we catch up on our lives. It's nice knowing that I can always call and speak to someone and not a robot. Thank you Pete."
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