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The fluoride water filter or pre-filter is a simple solution to to remove Fluoride pollution! Removes 98% of fluoride from tap water. You may not have any control over what goes into your water, but this simple device can easily remove most of the dangerous fluoride from your tap water.


As a pre-filter, these filters  are installed before the water enters the tap or the water ionizer. They require either counter top housing or under-the-sink housing depending on your exact conditions, volume of use and desire.  Faucet Diverter Not Included


Fluoride Reduction Pre-Filter for use with Water Ionizers to remove 98% of Fluoride

Pre-filters are water filters that are installed before the water enters the tap or the water ionizer. They require either counter-top housing or under-the-sink housing depending on your exact conditions, volume of use and desire.


Reasons To Use a Fluoride Reduction Pre-Filter

There are plenty of good reasons for installing a fluoride water filter. The fluoride that is added to water also contains other toxic materials and pollutants, which may include lead, mercury, and arsenic. Hundreds of renowned scientists and researchers around the world condemn, or refuse to endorse fluoridation of the water supply. The fluoride water filter is a simple solution to a vexing problem. You may not have any control over what goes into your water, but this simple device can easily take it right back out.


Activated alumina filter media and carbon filtration are EPA and WQA recommended methods for removing fluoride from drinking water. A full cartridge of 100% activated alumina is needed to allow proper contact time for effective fluoride removal! Activated alumina is aluminum oxide, the same chemical substance as sapphire and rubies, but without the impurities that give the gems their color. (This is not aluminum, which is a more highly-processed metal made from activated alumina.) Activated alumina has a very high surface-area-to-weight ratio, with a lot of tunnel-like pores that run all through it. This means that there is a lot of surface area against which the water interacts, thereby removing fluoride (and arsenic). Through the attraction of the metals, 90% to 98% of fluoride (and arsenic) is normally removed. The fluoride coats the surface of the alumina over time and eventually the cartridge needs to be replaced (usually once a year for a family of four). We have been selling this activated alumina fluoride water filter for a long time and have many satisfied customers!


The Fluoride Reduction Pre-Filter Cartridge Contains:

Fine-mesh pre-conditioned Activated Alumina to reduce fluoride 95%+ on most city water (typically <2 ppm). Lab tests show a capacity of 11,000 ppm with effluent levels below 0.2 ppm from 10 ppm feed (98%). Note: high pH and high bicarbonate levels reduce the capacity – above 100 ppm bicarbonate, reduce by 50%; above 200 ppm, reduce by 75%. Also effectively removes low levels of arsenic. Typical life for a family of four with typical city water is one year. Fits industry-standard 10″ slim-line housings.


Average filter life span: 9-12 months



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