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The HydroGo bottle is a portable affordable Molecular Hydrogen Generator that removes the chlorine and other contaminants from water.


The HydroGo Bottle comes in 2 colors: Rose Gold & Silver

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Health Benefits Hydrogen: Hydrogen alkaline water produces strong antioxidants with a high ORP. It’s micro-clustered and re-structured to neutralize and prevent the harmful effects of oxidative stress while scavenging free radicals, preventing many diseases.


Hydrogen is about to change the face of illness and health all over the planet.


About Hydrogen: The curative powers of hydrogen gas from natural Healing Waters has been known to cure ailments for hundreds of years. Now our Scientists and Physicians are showing that the use of Hydrogen gas in over 600 peer reviewed medical studies to have a therapeutic effect on over 150 human diseases.


5 more benefits of charged Hydrogen/oxygen

  1. Aerobic: Produces more stable oxygen, increasing mental alertness and energizing the body.
  2. Antioxidant: Produces antioxidants at a higher density than any food or nutritional supplement.
  3. Antibacterial: Removes harmful bacteria from digestive tract and aids in cellular metabolism.
  4. Alkalinity: Increases the alkalinity of household water by over 10%, boosting the immune system.
  5. Absorption: Increases the body’s hydration rate by over 6-fold, aiding all cellular functions.

The HydroGo bottle is a portable affordable hydrogen generator that removes the chlorine and other contaminants from the source water as increase pH and creates vast amounts of alkaline water infused with Healing Hydrogen. This newly developed portable hydrogen generator will enable you to create Healing Hydrogen gas in the water that can be seen as it is generated.


The HydroGo bottle is the first portable hydrogen generator that can work with tap water, bottled water, distilled water, Reverse Osmosis water, etc.


The HydroGo bottle has a built in USB battery storage so it can make healthy purified water wherever you go. When needed it can be recharged with most USB charging wall plug. It creates about 50 bottles of water before it needs to be recharged.


The HydroGo bottle has 2 settings for Hydrogen production:   High Setting and Low Setting


Use the High Setting in the morning and especially when you need extra energy before working out, yoga, hiking, biking etc.


Use the Low Setting for all around daily usage.


The HydroGo Bottle has been upgraded and replaced by the HydroGo+ Molecular Hydrogen Generator Bottle.



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