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The VitaLite Color Therapy Spa Shower Head is a new health & beauty product developed to dechlorinate and purify your showering and bathing water as the magnets and colors relieves pain and enhances your mood. 

It can purify your bathing water, adjust the pH value, increase water activity to eliminate fatigue, accelerate the blood circulation, makes skin velvet smooth and your hair silky. It is able to create a delightful spa like experience which brings you good health and smooth skin, while achieving a physical and mental relaxed state, with the full spectrum color therapy!



Negative Ions Spa Function


Tourmaline ceramic balls in the Ion-Wave SPA shower filter handle release negative ions which are considered the “longevity element”, it can achieve a calming effects while conditioning the excited state of our nerve center, improving the ventilation of lungs and promoting better metabolism.


It also fully activates and softens shower water and acts as an anti-bacterium.


Germanium Cosmetic & Healthcare Function


Germanium bath ceramic balls in the handle of the VitaLite Spa Shower Filter can effectively remove the chlorine in tap water when showering or bathing, so that the water has functions of an anti-bacterium, while moisturizing and smoothing skin to prevent skin aging.




1) Creates a delightful sense of natural beauty. Eliminate fatigue, accelerate  blood circulation, make skin velvet smooth. It also cleans the bathing water and counteracts the acid / alkaline of the water.


2) Design of transparent shower head is original, handsome and solid. We use high strength plastic to manufacture substantial, shatterproof design.


3)  Eco designed Water Saving effect and full spectrum color therapy healing light frequency to revitalize and rejuvenate your life.


4) Refillable. The shower head can be used year after year. Just change the minerals cartridges when needed.





1)      Attach one side of hose to Shower head and hand tighten. Then attach the other side to faucet and tighten.


2)     Adjust the shower head to choose a massage that suits your mood.


3)     Easy to keep clean with a cloth or sponge with mild detergent, nothing abrasive.


4)    Every 6-8 months use, you should open the shower head from the middle and change the mineral cartridges for healthy water and a new better SPA effect.




Replace every 6 months







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