VORTEX ALKALIZER (2 Replacement Filters)


Two Vortex Alkalizer Replacement Filters
 Replace filter every 6 months


Simply remove the old filter at the bottom of the Vortex Alkalizer and replace it with the new one.


This high-quality replacement cartridge contains a selection of alkalizing minerals that will raise the pH of your water and various other liquids.


By changing the filter every 6 months you will continue to :

  • Raise the pH of the most filtered water to 9.5. It only takes a few minutes to alkalize the pitcher.
  • Quickly remove chlorine and harmful pollutants!
  • Improve the taste of water with beneficial minerals!


Benefits of the Vortex Filter

  • Improves tap water easily – removes chlorine and other impurities, adds minerals, raises pH to 8.5 – 9.0 or higher and most important, negatively charges your water for antioxidant properties!
  • Simple, Convenient and Easy to replace.
  • It can even help you lose weight when you drink sufficient quantities!
  • Good for your pets too.


Drink Alkaline / Hydrogen water for health benefits: slow down aging, increase energy, promote weight loss, support wellness, hydrate and detoxify deeply, boost mental clarity and scavenge up free radicals!



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