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If a Rebounder is not for you then the Bounce Back Rebounding Chair is definitely for you!


Through the gentle bounce movement of “Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair you experience a wonderful release of stress and a deep feeling of relaxation.  Three of the best-selling drugs in the USA are used to treat stress-related illnesses: 80% to 90% of all visits to health care professional are result of stress-related illnesses and issuers: and 70% of all accidents are stress related.  Constant stress has been linked to many serious diseases and entire centers and clinics for stress reduction and stress management are becoming common in our busy world.  Exercise appears to be the most effective way of releasing the stress response in a healthy manner.  The “Bounce Back” Fitness Chair is a wonderful tool for managing physical stress.  After 20 minutes in the “Bounce Back” Fitness Chair you will feel like a new person.  Reducing stress can relieve pain in muscles and joints and Improve mental stability as well.  To understand the great ability of the “Bounce Back” Fitness Chair to reduce stress, you have only to try it!  The results are immediate.  So, find a chair, sit down and bounce!




The gentle bouncing motion experienced in the legs and arms while sitting in the “Bounce Back” Fitness Chair, stimulates the muscles in your thighs, calves and ankles, and increases the circulation or blood to your legs and lower body some individuals have experienced increased feeling in their hips and legs, and better circulation provides more warmth in your hands and feet.  The blood and lymphatic fluid carries oxygen to every cell in our bodies and improved blood circulation means more oxygen and more nutrients for every cell.  As the lymph system provides our cells with a clean, balanced environment in which to function, improved blood circulation provides more of the nutrients the cells require for proper function.



The lymph system is literally your body’s “Tree of Life”.  Lymph fluid is clear and surrounds every cell in your body.  Its function is to neutralize, remove or dissolve the toxic wastes that build up in your body and provide your cells with a clean environment in which to perform their life building tasks.  When the lymph system fails to function properly, excess fluid and poisons build up in the body and pain, loss of energy, infections and disease can take place.  The “Bounce Back” Fitness Chair will stimulate the activity of the lymph system and help it to perform its functions more efficiently!  The lymph fluid circulates completely through the body approximately two times every 24 hours. The “Bounce Back” Fitness Chair can speed up the flow of the lymph fluid by as much as 10 times, increasing your body’s ability to eliminate toxins and move needed nutrients to each cell.  Apply deep breathing exercises with the “Bounce Back” Fitness Chair for an immediate impact on the lymph system.




Because the “Bounce Back” Fitness Chair supports your body weight, even individuals who have not been able to exercise in years will be able to build up their muscular strength by using The Fitness Chair.  Using the springs as resistance to push against or pulling up your own body weight with the assistance of the springs, you can gently and methodically build muscular strength.


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