Water Ionizer Magnetic Shield (Single Pack)

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Water Ionizer Magnetic Shield (Single Pack)



Why use the Water Ionizer Magnetic Shield with your Water Ionizer?


To solve your hard water problems and to protect and extend the Life of the electrodes in your Water Ionizer!



The biggest problem of any water ionizer is scale buildup inside the plate cells.

More specifically, scale buildup on the membranes that are between the plates.

When this occurs your ionizer cannot separate acidic and alkaline minerals properly and the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) and pH are reduced. Even though your water ionizers self clean function works, scale or mineral build up will eventually overcome your plate cells.  This will occur even if you already  have soft water! Remember that your water ionizer concentrates minerals in the plate cells, which is part of how higher pH levels are created.

The Water Ionizer Magnetic Shield easily fastens to your cold water pipe.





1. The ability of scaling minerals to stick anywhere is dramatically reduced.  Testing has shown a 40-60% reduction in scale buildup, not only in the plate cells but inside the entire water ionizer.

2. Scaling minerals are abrasive.  This abrasiveness is extremely hard on the platinum coating on your water ionizer plates, this is why water ionizer plates last a lot longer in “soft water” conditions. After passing through the Water Ionizer Magnetic Shield’s magnetic field, these abrasive minerals become far less abrasive thus protecting the plate coating in the process!

3. Lower surface tension!  Yes the Water Ionizer Magnetic Shield can achieve minor micro-clustering of the water even before it enters the water ionizer! This gives you even more absorbable charged water than you get with a water ionizer by itself.

4. No more white flaky buildup in glasses and containers.  This is a common complaint of ionized water users, because ionized water is rich in alkaline minerals, when the water dries up in a container such as a glass or bottle or pot you will see the dried up mineral deposits. Not with the Water Ionizer Magnetic Shield in place. Your glasses and containers will remain clear!

5. Silky smooth texture of the water.  Water that has been through the magnetizers field has a noticeably silkier feel in the mouth. When showering skin becomes hydrated and feels softer and less dry!


How does it work?  

As water molecules pass by the powerful, highly focused magnetic field, two things happen: molecules are polarized (organized). This physically changes the water’s molecular structure. The result is soft water characteristics with dissolved minerals, which will protect your water ionizer investment.


What’s Included?


– 1 set of Water Ionizer Magnetic Shields for One Water Ionizers


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