Hard water will leave deposits on an ionizer’s plates, and can even clog up the machine if the deposits build up. Water ionizers use a cleaning method called reverse-current to handle hard water.


When an alkaline water machine is going through its cleaning cycle, power to the plates is reversed. This causes the plates to repel (instead of attract) hard water deposits that are clinging to them,


For effective cleaning, you need a lot of power, a way to pulse the current so that it “hits” the deposits with a series of shocks.  These current pulses cause deposits to break up so they can be washed from the system.


We know this sounds like a difficult task and because of that, this is where we come in.


For $79.99 + shipping, we are offering a once a year maintenance service.

Ship your ionizer to our repair center to have your unit inspected and cleaned of hard water scaling in order to maintain the life of your Ionizer and to avoid any warranty interruptions.


Once we receive your order request for maintenance, someone will reach you by phone or email to provide you with an authorization number and the address to ship to along with instructions on how to prepare your machine for shipping.


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